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YrminsulHave you had enough of nice and friendly heroes? Then become the villain of the piece! Get your own back on the pathetic forces of the good and make them finally understand that evil is something to be taken seriously, and must be well done. Resist their combined attacks during a game combining strategy and Tower Defense phases in a persistent universe. Make their islands, which make up this boring haven of peace, fall one by one. Evil spirits, boastfulness and a tendency towards machievelic laughter will finally be rewarded through a title which renews the codes of the genre. You can find all of this and a great cartoon style graphics in this new title (it’s been released on 16 of April for Linux): Yrminsul, the game has been developed by an French Indie software house: Studio Black Flag Let’s see some more about this game.


Yrminsul is a strategy game where the battles are in the form of a tower defense. Amongst a huge campaign, you will discover a lot of features you usually find in strategy games:

Tower Defense: You love the frenzy of the tower defenses? Yrminsul is a fast paced tower defense in full 3D with a lot of content: +30 enemies, three types of enemy armies (Goblins, Monsters and Elves), 15 upgradable turrets, 16 spells and +30 levels with unique moods and design…


Tactics: Before each attack, you have to choose carefully 4 turrets and 4 spells to use while defending. Knowing the enemies’ strenght is important as you can go for single target damage or area of effect havoc; magic or physic damage; slow, stuns and other forms or control… Each army attacking you has its own strengths and weaknesses, you have to know them to succeed!

Strategy: Choose carefully which Island to invade, spy on the enemy to evaluate his forces. In Yrminsul, your opponents try to reclaim the islands you control. You will have to defend your territory from your enemies’ sneaky attacks. At the same time, you will invade their Islands. You can go back and forth between the islands because the universe is persistent: when you build a turret, it will stay on its island unless the enemies gain control of the island.


Strategic Map, from here you can choose which Island attack

Resource management: In Yrminsul, you have to manage one main resource: Infamy. The infamy is your potential evilness and allows you to build defenses, to research new towers and spells. In reality, it is necessary to intelligently manage your reserves of infamy, eg to avoid arriving on a new island without being able to have enough at the start of the first wave of enemy, which greatly complicates the defense of your territory. Fortunately, it is possible to spend time on the map screen to fill up your infamy up to your maximum- the number of points earned per day and the maximum capacity of reserves depending on the number of islands owned. However, you should know that the more you gain every day, the more likely is that the enemy launches a crusade to regain a territory belonging to you.


In Yrminsul you play the villain, a daemon (Leth) that has been freed from a spell that was blocking him for thousands of years.

The story is told through comics very well made, with a cartoonish graphics and really funny “dialogues”, they are based primarily on a duo composed by Leth and Nors. The first is both the protagonist and the Big Bad of the game, whose purpose is to corrupt the entire universe, while the second is a pirate who seems to have successfully defeated Leth in the past by capturing it in his own body and then trapping him in the depths of a cave forgotten, until a group of adventurers managed to regain the prison and release Nors, without knowing that this act would free an evil long forgotten. Leth can thus take control of the body of the unfortunate pirate and make his new instrument of world conquest.



So far I’ve played a couple of hours of this game, I like Tower Defense game and so in general I liked this tile, in short I can say that this game has some pro and a few cons:

Pro: Nice graphic during the tower defense phase, the comics that introduce the story are really well made and funny and the strategic phase it’s important so you have to study your next attack and use the correct tower/spell if you want to win.

Cons: Sometime I find the game a bit slow, if you lost an attack you lose 1 island, that means that you have to redo the former level and then retry the level you failed also I found the difficulty a bit above the average and so losing a match it’s not a remote possibility (but perhaps it’s just really bad in this game:) )

You can buy the game on Desura for 15$ (or €10.99), at the moment it’s also on Greenlight on Steam, so probably soon it will be available also there.

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