Sep 182010

granola linux Introducing Granola a software to help save some energy from your PC, and in the while help the nature.

This is a small followup from my article Linux for a green Desktop

Granola site say:

“Granola will green up your Linux or Microsoft Windows computers by cutting energy consumption by up to 35%. This will not only save you money, but help to save the planet by reducing CO2 emisions. Granola will not turn off your computer or give you any noticable performance loss, and it is totally free! Do your part to save the planet by installing Granola.”

I’m now testing it on my Ubuntu 10.04
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Sep 142010

green linuxNo, I do not want to talk of Linux MINT, but as is practically possible to apply some tricks to make our desktop a bit more nature oriented.

However let me say that thanks to your choice of Linux operating system you are already on the philosophical choice closer to nature:

  • Requires less resources: Linux distributions require an average of fewer resources, and the hardware can be used for longer.
  • KM 0: The Open Source philosophy relies heavily on volunteers who work from home and contribute to various projects.
  • Less packaging: Linux is mainly distributed via downloads and manuals are in digital format.
  • More cheap: In Linux you have many freely available software so you don’t  have to work to buy them.

But now back on practice in particular we’ll see

  • The tickless kernel, which enables the processor to sleep between tasks
  • PowerTop to check what’s consuming more energy

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