Feb 222012

It’s funny how through small daily tasks sometimes it happen to find new features or commands that you do not knew not, and today this thing happened to me.
In particular, I had to do something trivial on the shell of a server, run : command1 | tail-n 2 i use tail to keep, from a significant long output, only the last 2 lines which then i use in another function, but beyond this, I needed to understand if command1 was terminated with an exit code of 0 or if the code was not 0 which number it was.

A simple:

comando1 | tail -n 2 
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
		echo "comando1 fallito."

Does not work because the exit code comes from the command tail, which in my case is always 0.
So I Googled a bit and found more than a solution for this simple problem.
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