Mar 052012

This article of mine has been original published on Wazi

WordPress, the popular content managing system (CMS), is easy to set up and use, and well supported by both its community and professional consultants. WordPress depends upon a complete stack that comprises an operating system, database, web server, and PHP. If you can optimize this stack, you can enhance the performance of your site. Here are some tricks and best practices for a setup that will improve your throughput without forcing you to upgrade your hardware.

Let’s start with a look at the Linux operating system, MySQL database, and nginx web server. Later we’ll get to PHP, some setup and plugin work with WordPress itself, and Varnish Cache, a web application accelerator.
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Dec 282011

In these days i’ve worked a lot on Red Hat Enterprise and Centos machines, and so i’ve used yum to install, upgrade, remove and download packages.
I’m more used to .deb packages (or the portage system), and so for me these plugins are both new and really useful to extend the basic functions of yum.

In particular i’ll show you how:

  • Tell to yum the priorities among his repository
  • Use yum to download a package without installing it.

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