Sep 122012

Vi is an old screen-oriented text editor , the first release of this software is dated back in 1976, originally created for the Unix operating system.
What I like of vi is that I can find it in any Linux and Unix system I’ve to work, so once I learnt how to use it I’ve used it everywhere, but there is small problem the software is user-friendly as could be a software wrote in 1976, so many new users find really hard to understand the shortcuts and so after some small test they decide that the software is too hard and return to some graphical editor like gedit, leafpad or perhaps libreoffice.

With this article I want to give some useful information for people who have never used Vi.

Note: in general I use Vim (V IMproved) on all my systems, so I’m sure that all the following tips work with this software, if you use the classic VI some of the tips could not work.
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