Oct 072012


My new desktop don’t has an integrated wireless card, but has 10 USB ports, so I’ve decided to use an external USB/Wireless adapter to connect it to the WI-Fi at my home, using a cable is not an option, I’ve the router in another room, and it would be a mess to bring it to the desktop, so without doing any research on the net for linux-friendly adapter (and i really suggest you to do this if you want to buy one) I’ve bought a D-LINK N 150 aka DWA-125 on the local mall, basically I’ve bought the cheapest adapter with a name i know.

And setting this up it’s been the hardest part of all the new installation, if you have the “luck” to have this hardware this small guide can perhaps help you too, I’ve done it on a Mint 13, but this should work flawlessly on Ubuntu and Debian as well, and probably on most distributions.
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