Oct 012012

I received an email from two Italian Linux user : Alessio and Michele AKA Alexiobash and Tonberry, both very active in the Italian scene about Linux/Open Source , in this message they announced their new initiative: SSLDISTRO – SIMPLE SEARCH LINUX DISTRO.

Ssldistro is a project born to offer at Linux users a customized HomePage for their distros.
The various homepage were created in order for the user to make their own research using a single page, thereby speeding up the search process.
Currently you can search directly onGoogle, gmail, youtube, facebook, twitter, wikipedia and depending on distro you can search directly in the wiki and the official forum and, in some cases, you can also search for software packages.

Each user can set as default homepage on their browser, one of the personalized homepages present in the website, in this moment ssldistro.net supports 46 different distributions and they are increasing steadily, to use a custom page just precede the name of the distro to the  website ssldistro.net to go directly to the custom page for that distribution.

An user who uses as operating system ArchLinux can set as his homepage:

Through this homepage, the user can perform the following searches:

  •      perform a classic search on google ; some users prefer the classic Google page (white) while others like a custom colored page with the colors of the distro.  To satisfy both it is possible to install the plugin Stylish and customize the page with your own colors.
  •      search through the search form on their gmail’s inbox;
  •      search for images;
  •      search videos on youtube;
  •      search applications for Android devices;
  •      make translations directly from the search form (Italian to english);
  •      search for your friends on facebook directly;
  •      search for your friends on twitter;
  •      direct search on wikipedia;
  •      look directly into the official wiki based on its distribution;
  •      search on the official forums;
  •      And for some distro, you can search for packages directly.
  • For some distribution, the pages of Linuxaria.com are used as guides


I find this as a good and innovative idea and i wish good luck to the authors, a central point of search for all the info about my distribution could conquest the homepage of my Browser, I’ll give it a try for sure.

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  7 Responses to “SSLDistro a new portal for your distribution”

  1. It is in Italian only… 8-(

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the info. I tried to Email you, but it’s not working, tried in Chromium and Opera.

    I am a Linux end user and I have also created a basic CSE – Linux Beginners Search Engine

    In an attempt to simplify search, and to bring all the search result effectively in one place, I created Linux Beginners Search Engine, primarily for New Linux Converts and End Users.

    For a Beginner Ubuntu is a very good choice to start with. In this Custom Search Engine (CSE), I have collected popular Ubuntu derivatives. Many tips and solutions applicable to Linux Mint are also applicable to Pinguy OS or Zorin OS or even Ubuntu.

    CSE Searches forums and wiki of Ubuntu, Mint, Bodhi, Pinguy OS, Zorin OS, VirtualBox, Wine, LibreOffice, K3b,, etc with refinements (labels / Filters). It also includes some blogs and websites providing tips and tricks.

    Clicking on Refinements searches urls only under that particular refinement, further filtering the search.

    e.g. searching for ‘Upgrade Kernel’ and clicking on Refinment ‘Mint’ will only search Mint Forums, Mint Blog and Mint Community.

    I have also added Linux aria on 17.1.2012

    CSE Link


    Another link for CSE


    Intro about CSE and sites included in CSE are at




    Hope it’s useful to others, as it is for me.

  3. Thank you linuxari for encouragement,

    I tried ot contact you through ‘Contact Me’ form, but it failed. I tried to comment, but did get any notification if the comment is posted succesfully and visible after moderation, or similar message. This page just got refreshed without my comment or any notification.



    btw, I have included Linuxaria in this CSE on 17.1.2012 . I hope you dont mind it 🙂

    • Weird, usually that form works correctly.
      And your comment was marked as “spam” for too many links 😛 so it took me longer to moderate it, but now it should be all fixed, and you can post comments without moderation.

      And thanks to have included my website in your search.

      Best regards


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