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If you love RPG (role-playing game) and you think that there is no future for these games on Linux this post is for you.
In this post I’ll show you 4 NEW RPG games, they are all developed from the scratch to run on our beloved Penguin: Questverse, Hale, Dawn, Flare and Arakion

Just a small warning they are projects in the making, so none of them is still ready to be fully played, but if you like this genre just read on, you’ll not be disappointed.


Questverse puts you in the role of an agent of the galactic quest agency, your task? Make a living! For that you will need to accept the most strange quests, so you can receive a well deserved reward for your ability; but maybe things will go far beyond what you expected.

The main features are:

– Create your character(currently just nightkin and female, solarians are planned), choosing your race(from two), looks, powers, skills and personal details.
– Easy to learn, no loads of rpg stats, the game will be more about roleplaying your character.
– Lenght limited only by the number of quest packages you have.
– No two games will be the same, randomness and non linearity.
– Learn true facts about the cosmos while playing
– Combats will require more thinking than just attacking your opponent until him or you is defeated; gameplay also will require some thought.
– Original history, characters and concept


Hale is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with a turn based, tactical combat system. This game is playable and has a lengthy campaign included, with easy support for the creation of additional content.


  • Cross platform support through the use of Java. Windows and Linux are supported.
  • A complete, lengthy campaign is included with the game. It includes tons of enemies, loot, item crafting, a variety of areas to explore, and much more.
  • Deep, tactical, turn based combat on a hex grid.
  • Extensive support for modding with no programming required. New adventures (called “Campaigns”) can be built from scratch using the included editor.
  • A clean and efficient user interface built for use on a PC.


Dawn is a 2D RPG set in a fantasy world. In the start you can choose a race, class and alignment to create a unique player experience. Gain experience through quests or slaying monsters, in order to level up and gain new skills, spells and more!
Game setting is in the typical medieval fantasy world with monsters, magic and different races. For those interested in the history of Dawn and from where our hero comes in to play, it’s possible to read the prologue of the story on the official website.
Written in C++ with SDL for graphics and sound. LUA for our spells, items and quests.
License: GPLv3



I’ve found Flare thanks to lffl.org, a famous Italian blog about Linux and open source:

FLARE, Free/Libre Action Role Playing Engine is a free project that aims to provide a specific game engine to create 2D action role-playing game.
The Flare project in just over a yearbut has already managed to bring to light the first RPG game made with this new engine, the new game has a fantasy background and we can explore the dungeons of a castle.
In Flare we have a RPG that is based on ‘hack & slash, so in a nutshell you should kill all the monsters that appear in front of you to gain experience, cash and bounty.
The graphics is really good with the release of the new version 0.17, there are a number of improvements and above all new menus and gameplay are completely redesigned.

Flare uses simple file formats (INI style config files) for most of the game data, allowing anyone to easily modify game contents. Open formats are preferred (png, ogg). The game code is C++.

The game is available for the most common distributions (and amigaOS) and on Desura.



This project has successfully raised the cash to bring the game alive in a few days, thus showing the interest that has raised around this title.

Arakion is a modern take on a classic RPG formula. You’re put in control of three heroes trying to survive a world devastated by war. Adventuring in Arakion will take you across open land, into deep dungeons and even put you in control of rebuilding a desolated town.

A great evil, nearly destroying Arakion in ages past, has returned. It is up to you to create a band of heroes to fight this darkness. The game takes place on two continents floating in the sky, as well as hundreds of minor islands. Arakion has been marred by war and strife for thousands of years and the landscape is a reflection of that.


Some features

  • Character customization in Arakion is a refreshing take on the RPG Level-Up formula. Instead of skills and stats after X experience, your choices throughout the game affect your heroes.
  • You did what with my weapon?! Each character only starts with one weapon, one set of armor and four skills. You’ll use the materials you find in the world to shape and morph your characters in to the heroes they’ll become.
  • Town Building! Using building blueprints you find, the people you rescue, along with the help of a mysterious stranger, you’ll use ancient devices to rebuild a lost town. You’ll have to choose wisely however, as some building decisions permanently prevent other choices.
  • Combat! Combat in Arakion allows you to choose real-time, turn-based or a unique blend of both. The core system of Arakion takes two old school styles of gameplay and merging them into one seamless combat experience.
  • Adventure! You’ll adventure through dozens of dungeons, castles and open world areas while finding hidden passageways, collecting materials and crushing your foes.
  • Story! The game features a deep and engaging story-line that spans generations. As you play through the game you’ll learn about the history of Arakion and your heroes, as well as taking a part in shaping your heroes past with the unique trait system.

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  7 Responses to “5 New RPG games for Linux”

  1. If you like to make your own, you could look at Open RPG Maker.

  2. Where can I find Dawn binaries? Their website offers no download and sourceforge links that come up in search lead to a 404 error page. 🙁

  3. Glad to be mentioned at such a nice site, thanks! Also, I’m doing a couple of public votation polls at http://www.indiedb.com/games/questverse , if you want to participate, be welcome.

  4. It would be cool to have links to each of the games you review, so we could go and read up on them and download them.

  5. It would be great if you would list min sys req for all games, as I have an older laptop with 1GB RAM and not special graphics card, just standard chip on motherboard type.

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