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rememberthemilk As the last article on the methodology “Getting Things Done” I want to present the site Remember The Milk and some Linux tools that you can use to interface with this service.

The previous articles on this topic are 3 tools to manage your time and the program Task Warrior.

Remember the Milk

is an application service provider for web-based task- and time-management.

Remember the Milk allows users to create multiple task lists. Added tasks can be edited to include (or not) various fields; locations can be added, and an integrated Google Maps feature allows users to save commonly-used locations. Tasks can also be organized by tags. Tasks can be postponed, and Remember the Milk will inform users of the number of times a given task has been postponed.

it’s also possible to use reminder and choose which method use to get the reminder: sms, email or a message on a instant messenger

You can sign up for a Free or Pro (paid) account. The Free account gives you just about all of the best, most valuable features. The Pro account ($25 USD/year) adds applications for your phone (iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android).

Here is a great introductory video from

Great Ways to Use RememberTheMilk with Linux

There are great ways to integrate the services of RememberTheMilk with Linux, here we’ll see some:


Remember the milk can export the events in ical format, it’s possible to take an ical address just for a list of task or all of them and set in lighting a new net calendar, just select the ics format and give the url you have copyed from the RTM site, and you’ll see the tasks with due dates integrated in your calendar.

Check also the official guide.

Gnome Do

Remember The Milk plugin for Gnome Do indexes the tasks which are stored in your Remember The Milk account. It also allows you to perform basic actions like creating or deleting a task, as well as some advanced operations related to task lists, tags and locations. It requires an available Remember The Milk account and needs to be authorized to access the data.


If you’re a GNOME user looking for a simple-yet-powerful task management tool that integrates with RTM, then check out the very cool Tasque.

The program can run with its own local database of tasks, or can integrate with an Evolution-based workflow. Tasque gets really helpful, however, when hooked up to the web-based task manager Remember the Milk. Importing, completing, and adding tasks with a smart text box all work perfectly with RTM. You can add notes to a task with a right-click, but tagging looks like it has to be handled from RTM’s web interface. If you’re a fan of simple to-do lists you can access from your desktop or the web, Tasque is a great solution.

In addition to working with RTM, Tasque also supports other backends such as Evolution and SQLite, and integrates with Tomboy, Giver, and GNOME Do

Getting Things GNOME!

Thanks to Luca Invernizzi’s GTG plugin, Remember The Milk, it’s possible to sync GTG with Remember The Milk. The plugin is currently at version 0.3.

Plugin for synchronising Getting Things Gnome! with the web service Remember the milk (
Please note that task descriptions are not synchronized in this version.
Legal note: This product uses the Remember The Milk API but
is not endorsed or certified by Remember, The Milk.

Luca’s RTM plugin is shipped with GTG so if you have the latest version you only need to activate the plugin, and after that you’ll see a button with the shape of a bottle of milk, just push it to sync between RTM and GTG.


KDE plasmoid

I’m not a KDE user but i’ve read that there is around a nice plasmoid that integrate perfectly Remember the milk with a KDE.
If you are using it please leave a comment with your impressions of it.


I am currently using the integration with GTG and with my calendar on lighting, on two different computers and I must say that everything works very well.

Really suggested as solution.

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  5 Responses to “GTD, Linux and Remember the Milk”

  1. The Remember the Milk plasmoid comes as part of the KDE Plasma Addons (kdeplasma-addons) package, so if you have a full Plasma workspace install you’ll have this tool by default. That’s a nice feature in and of itself.

    I’m not an RTM user myself, but have used the plasmoid for testing and what not and it seems both complete and performant. Being able to put it on a panel, a dashboard, the desktop, your screensaver … is a nice thing as well.

  2. i’m using RTM on android, but it has expiry date. as of now i just continue using it using RTM gadget in gmail+tasque or gnome do

  3. I would recommend checking out for an online task manager.

    You can use it to manage your goals, projects and tasks, set next actions and contexts, use checklists, schedules and a calendar.
    Syncs with Evernote, and also comes with mobile-web version, and Android and iPhone apps.

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