Feb 042012

anomalyIn these days a new Humble Bundle has been presented, some of the games in his bundle have been already been delivered in previous bundle, such as World of Goo and Osmos, the big news of this Bundle is that the games are released also for Android, so it’s been called the Humble Bundle for Android, as usual the games are also available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Since some of the games have already been presented in the past today I want to look at a new game for me: Anomaly: Warzone Earth

Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a real time strategy video game by 11 bit studios and it’s sold at around $4 for Android and 10$ for PC.

Anomaly is an intense reversal of the tower defense formula, with players managing a convoy’s path through various war-torn environs, we can call it a tower offense game. Careful planning of powerups, unit composition, and more will make your trip a success or a complete failure. Anomaly: Warzone Earth has rocked gamers on Windows, OS X, and iOS, and is now available to challenge the tactics of Linux and Android gamers.


The story

In a near future, parts of an alien space ship crashed on Earth and in particular in the middle of Baghdad. We dress the clothes of the leader of the 14 Platoon, a heavily armed squadrons of well-trained military with the task to go on patrol in the area called the Anomaly, the area colonized by aliens, in the center of the city now reduced into rubble. In this area the communications and the radar are blocked by the Anomaly, so our task will be to thoroughly investigate and neutralize any danger present.

The Gameplay

in Anomaly: Warzone Earth the aliens have their towers in a fixed position, while our goal is to advance along a path trying to demolish them. The troops have different characteristics depending on the type: some attack in all directions, some only in one, others can count on a great power, but they have a limited resistance. In this game becomes crucial the knowledge of the characteristics of each unit and the carefully planning of the path for our convoy. Managing the planning of the route, however, is extremely simple. At any time during the game we can press a button with which you access the menus for our troops, no unnecessary items or long sequences of commands. From here we can use some skill as a smokescreen to limit the damage, or a radio signal that will focus on itself the enemy fire, or the ability to cure the troops.
The game includes three modes of play: 1 campaign mode and two survival modes, where you fight an increasing number of powerful towers. The gameplay is divided into three phases, two purely strategic and one that requires your full attention and a fair amount of reflexes to issue orders as quickly as possible.

At the beginning of each level you will have a predetermined amount of credits that will allow you to buy a certain number of vehicles to form your team for that mission..
Playing the campaign you will unlock different vehicles that will add to your “fleet”, offering to the player a variety of tactics: the vehicles are not only attack tanks but some can give support to the armed convoy.

Among the vehicles available to us initially there are APC (with a strong armor but limited firepower) and exoskeletons armed with missiles (they are lightly armored but quite effective in delivery damage), and proceeding in the game campaign you’ll unlock more vehicles as extra shield generators,modified tanks , and much more.

While being a tower offense game, there are some game mechanics involved similar to what you would find in an RTS type of game such as gathering resources in order to build new units or upgrade currently existing ones.


This seem a brilliant game to me, with an original idea and a great graphic, perhaps his only problem is the longevity of the game, but after all for this price this cannot be a big issue. Buy it into while is available in the bundle and you’ll get for the same price 3 interesting games.

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