Jan 172012

No Gravity (classic) is a space arcade game with 5 game modes and it has very nice graphics, it is inspired by Wing Commander, a famous game of a few years ago that made ​​history for the space shooter.

No Gravity runs on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Amiga OS4, BeOS. It’s an arcade type game with great playability, where it is easy to plunge into space battles against spacefighters, space stations and more !
As always in these games there are missions to do and limited time to do them.

To install the game on Linux, Download the No Gravity (Combo Bin+Data – Win32/Mac/Linux only) for Linux i386 package and run the autopackage, This game is a bit old, but you should have no problem in installing it on modern Distribtuions.

The Mission

Year 8002. System OOLRO 3, where the oldest and most powerful empire ever exists : The KROSSO empire, which consists of thousands of colonies. The celebrations of the eighth millenium have just ended and the good days seem to be over. A few cases of an unknown sickness have been found. Rumors are spreading of the possibility of a mind disease


No Gravity is a space shooter in 3D ‘ a la Wing Commander’. The player is controlling a space ship view from the first person. In each mission, the player need to accomplish some objectives, like shoot and destroys enemy ships or base, escorting some ships, clearing mine field, etc..

A brief description of the objectives is given at the beginning of a mission. In some situations, the player has some wingmen, and it can controls them by giving order like attack enemy, retreat, protect the base etc… A mission is composed of different sectors which has differents objectives.

When the objectives of the current sector is complete, the player needs to go the nearest ‘NAV’ point, when he can ‘wrap’ to the next sector. In the last sector, a ‘warp’ gate is apparearing and the player need to go through it and complete the level. At the end of each episodes (one episode is 10 missions), there is a large base station to destroy.

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