Jan 212014

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  3 Responses to “(English) My top 10 open source software”

  1. Numbering is broken…

  2. Depending on how invested you are in SimpleInvoices: Are you familiar with fusioninvoice (fusioninvoice.com)?
    I was quite frustrated with the functionality in SI when it came to transferring quotes to invoices, and FI does that better.
    Not to hijack it, just a heads-up.

  3. I think my ten would be:

    - Manjaro or debian (SO)
    - Clementine (Music player)
    - Diaspora* (Social Network, with Pump.io)
    - KDE Plasma
    - KDE SC
    - Firefox (Browser)
    - Pumpa (pump client, with Dianara)
    - Gajim (chat client)
    - Owncloud
    - Gimp

    Not necesary in this order. I really like FOSS :)
    For Android device: F-Droid, jTalk, Tint browser, CMD and Kontalk.

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