Apr 012012

Publish news this day is always risky, so I will just do the best wishes for a happy April 1 and point out some very interesting news that i’m sure you’ll like.

1) Chrome Multitask Mode lets you browse the web with multiple cursors at the same time, so you can get more done, faster. Welcome to the ambinavigation revolution.

2) Ubuntu has released his Ubuntu for Eyewear

Usher in a new era of facial productivity

Miniaturisation has come a long way. Back in the sixties, computers filled whole rooms. By the eighties, they could fit on your desktop. In the nineties we got used to carrying our PCs around and, in the last decade, the smartphone has made pocket productivity a daily reality for knowledge workers across the globe. Now, with Ubuntu for Eyewear, Canonical introduces a new class of personal productivity device, so unobtrusive that neither you nor your co-workers need even know it’s there.

3) DarkDuck has announced a great and new Russian Release:

Breaking news came today. Russian oligarch Stepan Biladidze took a role as a presenter, personally, on the forum in the Russian capital of Moscow today. The forum is dedicated to free and open source software, and was specially called for the announcement of the new Linux distribution: Hsiloof Linux.

Hsiloof is not a Russian name, he explained. It was taken from the language of the African tribe Bamba, and translated into English as “Something extra”.

4) http://www.hecticgeek.com/ has announced that Xubuntu Will be switching over to Debian!

“Xubuntu”, the unofficial, community maintained “Xfce” (a lightweight desktop environment) version of Ubuntu, through their Twitter page just announced that after the upcoming 12.04 release, they’ll be switching over to the all powerful and mighty “Debian” Linux

In their Twitter post they said …

“It’s official: Xubuntu 12.10 will be based on Debian over Ubuntu! We welcome any name suggestions. More information to follow really soon!”

“Pasi” says …

” … Xubuntu team is very excited about this. With the rebasing, we are able to provide even lighter release than with 12.04 …”

5) OMGUbuntu has an Exclusive: The Official Ubuntu 12.04 CD Cover

We can exclusively share with you the official disc artwork for the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS CD and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server releases.

The artwork keeps to the formula of the past designs with the default wallpaper of the release providing the backdrop.

6) Gentoo Linux releases 12.1 LiveDVD

Gentoo Linux is proud to announce the availability of a new LiveDVD to celebrate the continued collaboration between Gentoo users and developers. The LiveDVD features a superb list of packages, some of which are listed below.

Special Features:

  • Gentoo Install Wizard! (Requires a Linux-supported webcam for interaction).
  • ZFSOnLinux
  • Writable file systems using AUFS so you can emerge new packages!
  • Persistence for $HOME is available; press F9 for more info!

7) LinuxDay italia has announced on facebook a new collaboration with Apple:

We announce that today Apple has confirmed its sponsorship to LinuxDay2012: each group will be given the chance to host the live event on video on iTunes, and soon will be deployed an iPhone app to find the nearest event!
The marketing department and Apple was a little demanding in terms of requests, but it is definitely worth it!

8) Muktware announce that Microsoft Joins The Linux Foundation, Donates Windows 8 Source Code

The Linux Foundation has announced the joining of Microsoft as its latest member. Microsoft has also proposed to donate the source code of Windows 8 to the Linux Foundation. The company is also working with the Linux community to merge the Windows 8 kernel with the Linux mainline tree.

9) on Tuxtweaks i’ve discovered that Canonical and Microsoft To Join Forces on New UI

Recognizing that the dawn of the Post PC Era is upon us, Microsoft and Canonical (the corporate sponsor behind Ubuntu Linux) have both determined that they need to make a major move to challenge Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android in the mobile device space. After deciding that it’s best not to go it alone, Canonical and Microsoft announced today that they are forming a joint venture to develop their next generation of user interface.

10) And finally, what i really want: Leaked: Microsoft Office 2013 For Linux Screenshot

Last night at 1:30am EST, we received a surprise tip from faithful reader Chaucer. Chaucer will not reveal his true identity for obvious reasons, though he does want to make it known that this screenshot was leaked from Microsoft’s Canterbury campus. Not much is known about this screenshot other than that it is supposedly from the upcoming Office 2013 suite of applications. Microsoft Office 2013, which has been pulling double-duty on Mac and Windows since 1990, seems to be ready to brave the unknown world of the Linux desktop.

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