Apr 202013

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano.

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  9 Responses to “(English) What are the desktop environments that use less resources on Linux ?”

  1. i like evilwm

  2. Those are NOT Desktop Environments…. they are Window Managers

    • I have to agree here. Although, it is sometimes a very fine line between DE and WM.
      Someone thinks LXDE is a DE, while I think that this is WM with set of additional tools, not properly formed into a DE.

  3. I have to caste my vote for awesome wm. Very lightweight, great widget support, and very customizable. Learning to script in Lua is loads of fun too!

  4. IceWM

  5. You are confusing the concepts “desktop environment” and “window manager”, for all of your examples are window managers.

  6. I use xmonad as window Manager

  7. Try Livarp
    Livarp is a DEBIAN-based distro.

    9wms inside: vtwm, dwm, echinus, wmfs2, awesome(by Aphelion), evilwm, pekwm, fluxbox & compiz

    special attention was paid to the documentation and livarp-help-center to let you discover the easiest way these 9 window managers.

    livarp can handle PIII with 128M ram but is better with a PIV and 512M ram

    link to Livarp

  8. How about Xmonad? i think that its one of the most important tiling windows manager

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