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crontab-visual-editor-guiThese are some sites i use to do specific jobs, i hope they can serve you well too.

Corntab is a simple crontab web GUI

With Corntab you can ensure that you always have the correct crontab syntax.

Don’t worry about forgetting the proper crontab format because Corntab let’s you click on all of the crontab options and outputs your crontab entry in real-time.

There is nothing to install.

Simply create your crontab entry and copy and paste it into your crontab by running crontab -e . This tool is made using jQuery and the jQuery UI

Regular expressions

Kvalley — RegEx Evaluator
This is a regular expression wizard (there are many), this one permit you to write a string and test if your regular expression match or not, so you can make multiple tests.

Alternatives to this site:

RegexPal it’s a JavaScript regular expression tester made with XRegExp.
XRegExp is an open source (MIT license) JavaScript library that provides an augmented, extensible, cross-browser implementation of regular expressions, including support for additional syntax, flags, and methods.

Rubular a Ruby regular expression editor
http://regex.larsolavtorvik.com/ a regular expression editor for PHP and Javascript

Ascii generator

 _ _                            _       
| (_)                          (_)      
| |_ _ __  _   ___  ____ _ _ __ _  __ _ 
| | | '_ \| | | \ \/ / _` | '__| |/ _` |
| | | | | | |_| |>  < (_| | |  | | (_| |
|_|_|_| |_|\__,_/_/\_\__,_|_|  |_|\__,_|

I use Ascii generator to make banner for the motd of my machine, email signatures, or other textual things.
These are some sites i use to generate these pieces of art:


This site implements a wrapper written in php for a nice program called FIGlet.
FIGlet is a computer program that generates text banners, in a variety of fonts, comprised of letters made up of conglomerations of smaller ASCII characters.

So in this site you can put a text, select a font and see immediately the result as banner; if you like it just copy and paste.


Ascii signature Another site that use figlet.

Art Generator

.. ..,,,,,,,,..I.M=$MN7I,,,,,,,,.,,+$...

This little program converts your picture to ASCII text art – a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols that do not appear to have any significance until you step back and look at the whole picture. It has no practical purpose, other than the neat factor.


Online password generator the site generates random passwords based a mixture of actual dictionary words, random letter case, numbers and symbols.

Such as:

  1. droSs{OXO21Inia
  2. [email protected]
  3. plug20Agger}
  4. soles=liE62fLank

MD5 generator it’s an online generator md5 hash of a string.

Htpasswd Generator Use the site to create passwords for htpasswd files.
Just enter username and password and an entry for a htpasswd file is generated.
This htpasswd generator creates passwords that are hashed using the MD5 algorithm, which means that you can use it for sites hosted on any platform, including Windows and Linux.

Sources List Generator

Ubuntu Sources List Generator in this page just select your nation, your release and what you’d like to have and the site will generate your customized apt-sources list.

Debian Sources List Generator in this page just select your nation, your release and what you’d like to have and the site will generate your customized apt-sources list.


Simple Iptables Script Generator This script generates a simple, yet effective, iptables firewall policy for use on independent hosts (such as web servers, etc.) connected directly to the Internet.


Ginspect, generate INSPECT and Tcpdump filter expression from your input.

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