Jun 042012

Some time ago i posted an article about 5 RSS Feed reader on linux, and between these 5 software my favorite was liferea.
Recently I’ve found a new software that seem really promising Tickr.

TICKR version 0.6.0 is a Free Open Source, GTK-based RSS READER application which displays RSS FEEDS in a TICKER bar on your desktop. With a single click, you get the latest headlines scrolling in a thin window on your desktop, as what can be seen on News TV channels.


Tickr is available in the standard repository of Ubuntu 12.04, so you can install it with:

 aptitude install tickr

deb packages are released also in the official download page, where you can find also a tar with the binary and one with the sources.

And if you really want, there is also a Windows version.

Available settings and features

These are some of the things you can change in the settings of tickr:

  • Scrolling speed
  • update delay
  • fonts
  • font sizes and colors
  • dimensions and location of TICKR on the screen
  • displaying text inside a “draggable” window or without one
  • displaying or not a clock


You can bookmark your favorite RSS feeds, link TICKR with your favourite browser so that you can open links and watch web pages you’re interested in with just one click. You can play, pause, reload the current feed, and change the scrolling speed on the fly.

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