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In the Indie game “The Great Jitters Pudding Panic“, done by the German developers kunst-stoff, you are a Green pudding and your goal is to exit from an haunted house without fainting from fear, while at the same time trying to scare the monsters in the maze.

It’s an uncommon subject for sure for an action puzzle game, but the game will take you from the start with his great graphics and smart puzzle, let’s see some details on this funny game.

In this game you control the movements of a quiet and a little coward green pudding who decided to venture inside an haunted house, and so you’re moving inside it on a ghost train. Your task is to solve various puzzles, such as choosing which path to take, and above all you need to avoid that the pudding is scared too much to prevent flickering faint, in fact, when our “hero” is too scary he starts to stumble and so he fall from the rail,
and we must start from the beginning of the level. Our way out of the 48 levels of play it is hampered by all that we can expect to find in a haunted house: skeletons, zombies, monsters and other creatures that could come from an horror film: our enemies are waiting hidden in the dark the arrival of the pudding to suddenly jump out and scare him with verses and inhuman screams.

Although the setting is an horror, haunted house, the sound effects and graphic rendering of the monsters in true cartoon style makes it very fun and definitely not as scary.


To be successful, you must be clever and quick: manipulate the tracks, exchange junctions and activate levers and bridges! Select from a variety of funny weapons and traps to scare the monsters back, trap the witches into loops and attack with the dangerous wind-up rat!

How to get it

For sure this is a funny game with a great graphic and an original concept that can entertain you on your mobile devices (is born for iphone/ipad) or why not, on your Linux computer.

The game has been released on June 7th 2011 on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In Summer 2011, the PC and Mac versions were released. For Linux i suggest to take it directly from Desura where you can buy it at around 10$ or Yawma where right now is sold at less than 4$.

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