Aug 242014

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano.

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  8 Responses to “(English) Zorin OS 9 Core Review: As good as Linux Mint 17!”

  1. I used to use ZorinOS on my laptop.
    I have had it after it ruined my setup after a new update for the nth time so I switched to Mint.
    Perhaps things have changed since then but for me Zorin is certainly not up on par with Mint.

  2. I agree in the past Zorin caused me a lot of problems with updates. Lately though that has not been the case. I run Zorin 6 on a tower and the updates have been good this year (2014). Before that I had a lot of problems with updates. Even though targeted towards new users I would not have recommended it a year ago, now I would/

    I also run Point Linux on my laptop. It is the quietest forum I have ever seen. No one seems to have problems.

  3. Ahh, Compiz. I played with that in Ubuntu 9. It’s a neat toy, but I found it bulky and unnecessary, IMO.

    I always preferred a minimalist desktop and devote the majority of my system resources to the application at hand. Now-a-days I prefer Mint LXDE when I’m not in a CLI.

  4. To me self promotion by sticking your name on a product is tacky, imagine if Windows would have been called “GatesOS”

  5. Why wasn’t Ubuntu with Unity include in these tests?

  6. Another review of Zorin OS 9 for those interested…

  7. “Zorin OS 9 Core Review: As good as Linux Mint 17!” …another load of bundled crapware ?

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