A look at bash internals: compgen

Inspired from a post by Concepcion Claudio Certad, today I’ve taken a look at a command that I did not known: compgen. The compgen builtin command expands a list of arguments to generate completion matches, so it allows us to display the commands, functions, directories and aliases available for the current user. In short compgen […]

Uniq, comm and join 3 Linux command for the CLI

These small commands are not so known, but i think they can do miracles for you when you have to work from the terminal on text files and you need to compare them, or do operation on lines inside 1 file or merge 2 files applying some criteria. In this article I’ll show you the […]

2 practical examples of Expect on the Linux CLI

In my work I’ve not used “Expect” many times, but to do some jobs I’ve learnt how to use it, and I must say that to complete some tasks this program can help a lot and be a valid alternative to more complex solutions, like a complete program in python, php or your favorite scripting […]

How to get exit status from a piped command in Linux shell

It’s funny how through small daily tasks sometimes it happen to find new features or commands that you do not knew not, and today this thing happened to me. In particular, I had to do something trivial on the shell of a server, run : command1 | tail-n 2 i use tail to keep, from […]

Top Ten articles for Linuxaria in 2011

The first days of the new year are a good moment to look back at the past year and see what have been the most read articles of the site, this is also a good opportunity for you to read (or re-read) them. And, a bit late, but i wish you all a Happy New […]