Jul 032013

I’ve received an announcement from Jean-Michel Philippe and I gladly publish it:

The whole team is very glad to inform you that DoudouLinux 2.0 Hyperborea is now officially out .

After 2 years of development, this new major version is providing many great new features with fully redesigned advanced activities, new graphics, new applications, a new installer, etc. Available in 43 languages, this release is nearly occurring 3 years after the birth of our project in 2010, which shows the interest our project has gained all around the world.

As usual you can give it a try from:


But DoudouLinux is not just a CD/DVD of educative stuffs for children.
DoudouLinux is now a vast project on its own. We have published with version 2.0 a manifesto that defines the philosophy and the ethics of our project: we want our children be able to fully master the digital world they are going to live in, instead of undergoing it.

As a result we now feel very concerned about user privacy, especially when it comes to children.

Let’s see some detail of this nice project

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Jun 222011


I’ve received some information from Jean-Michel regarding DoudouLinux a project he’s leading, you can read an interview with him and more info on Doudou in a former article.

I’ve browsed a bit their site and i’ve also noticed a new and better graphic and much more info on how to setup and use this distribution, but now these are the information i got from Jean-Michel:

You probably know that my project DoudouLinux is still alive and, much more than that, really active! Indeed we have just released our first version officially tagged as stable (not that previous ones were instable 😉 ).

Its name is DoudouLinux 1.0 Gondwana and it is available in 15 officially supported languages, using 5 different alphabets.

As you proposed me months ago to tell you about our achievements, I’m back to explain what we did. Of course I’d be very glad if you take some time to tell the world about the evolution of our project. Please note that we now have 3 Italian contributors and I’m pleased to announce that you can already browse several Italian pages on our website :):

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Dec 162010

doudoulinuxRecently I discovered a new kind of Linux: DoudouLinux.

It is not a new distribution, but a Debian is a tailor-made for children, the designer Jean-Michael says that is usable by children two years old.

And in fact by starting this live meta-distro you get a rich and colorful menu from which childrens can choose what to play.

Intrigued by the project, I asked Jean-Michel an interview and him very kindly accepted to answer my questions, this is also a good chance to introduce his project in Italy and other country where it still is not widely known.

Edit: Thanks to Jean-Michel there is also a french version of this article here

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