Oct 172012

In a former article I’ve talked about the commands cron and crontab  that are the standard way to schedule recurring things on a Gnu/Linux system.

But sometimes you need to do one thing at a specific date and time for just one time, and for these tasks the best option is to use at, another way to use at is to run a command later when the computer won’t be busy.

Or another reason could be that you want to run a command that requires a lot of time to end and you have to disconnect from that server, at could be used in this situation, but for these task i suggest to take a look at the articles on how to run commands on background and the utility screen

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Jun 192011

crontab-visual-editor-guiThese are some sites i use to do specific jobs, i hope they can serve you well too.

Corntab is a simple crontab web GUI

With Corntab you can ensure that you always have the correct crontab syntax.

Don’t worry about forgetting the proper crontab format because Corntab let’s you click on all of the crontab options and outputs your crontab entry in real-time.
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