Mar 072011

JavaAppsEnDatabaseI’ve received from Paolo Proni the slides that he presented at the ignite session at codemotion in Rome.
I thank Paolo and i gladly publish this short presentation that introduces the concepts behind the design of Easy Driver.

You can download the pdf from here.

What’s Codemotion ?

For four years running, Javaday Roma has been the only event of its kind in Italy in terms of content, participants and enthusiasm. Year after year, the exciting atmosphere of Javaday has . won over participants and sponsors. To keep being a top draw for developers, Javaday has evolved to become Codemotion.

Codemotion takes Javaday a giant step further: it’s open to all languages and technologies, becoming a catalyst for more creativity and more job opportunities. Everyone can reap the benefits of our new, broader focus: we’ve jumped from one product (Java, once Sun, now Oracle) to the entire field of programming.

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Feb 222011

JavaAppsEnDatabaseI’ve received this interesting article by Paolo,  that i gladly publish:

Easy Driver is a project to access the databases, it is Free and Open Source. It is formed of a Java library and a code generator.

The experience made writing directly the queries with JDBC taught us that it’s common to have a lot of redundant code. This is a well known source of troubles during the maintenance and it raises the costs, when writing and maintaining the code.

The object oriented paradigm does not fit well with the relational model of the most often used databases.
Another problem which afflict the database world is its fragmentation. SQL has been developed in several dialects, despite its standardization attempts.

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