FreedomBox 0.1 released

FreedomBox is an interesting project whose mission is the creation of a small, cheap and simple computer that serves freedom in the home, so also not-techie people can use advanced software to achieve privacy and security. This is their Vision statement: Vision Statement We live in a world where our use of the network is […]

DNSCrypt, crypt your DNS request

OpenDNS is a popular DNS provider used widely both in the server as in home desktop, one of the feature they provide to their customer is DNSCrypt, a security enhancement that should add protection against all DNS based attacks, such as cache poisoning. In the same way the SSL turns HTTP web traffic into HTTPS […]

Csync2 a filesystem syncronization tool for Linux

Sometimes is useful to sync automatically files over the net between 2 or more computers, maybe you want to keep some configuration files aligned on different servers or maybe you have a cluster of web servers and you want to keep their document root aligned so your customer will always see the same result. You […]

Convert your audio files on Linux with Soundconverter

It’s useful sometime to convert some type of audio files in another, and perhaps you don’t want to search for the correct command to use from the terminal, don’t worry there is a small and nice application that can do this for you: soundconverter SoundConverter is an audio file converter for the GNOME Desktop. It […]

Synaptic Package Management – Linux’s Secret Weapon

I’m glad to have another post of Tcat Houser editor-in-chief of With the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona for year 2012 behind us, we now see what Apple has in store with Mountain Lion and Microsoft with Windows 8. It seems very clear Microsoft is trying to catch up to Apple with the concept […]