Dec 042011

Frank Harris-Smith

The Internet is a great place to scratch the itch of curiosity. I’d heard some interesting things about Arch Linux so I Googled it. I wanted to know what the Distro was all about and a bit of it’s history.

I accidentally discovered The GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline which informed me where Arch Linux was derived from (Crux) and what had branched off from it (7 current branches)

It charted the Galaxy of GNU/Linux Distributions. Organized the mess that Linux Distros have become into an understandable chart. A huge svg graphic measuring 2,120 x 8,330 pixels

A chart that is very detailed. Remember that Distro of Linux meant to be a replacement for Windows, “Lindows”, that first appeared in 2001? It had it’s security dumbed down to about the Windows 95 level.

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