DropBox on Linux ! No more scattered files on USB Stick or external hard disk.

How many times have you searched for an important file but can not remember where is it ? Have you left the USB stick in your briefcase? Or, HDD backup in the office? Or even left in the USB in your car ? What a mess, right? What do you think of a way to […]

Security first! Here’s how to make your Linux impenetrable.

Article by Giuseppe Sanna One of the most important things for eveybody is undoubtedly the security ! Sure, the software can be reinstalled, the hardware can be bought back … But your information? Those can not be re-installed or repurchased. In the event of a crash … you could lost all forever! For this reason, […]

It’s possible to integrate Thunderbird and Orage ?

Original article by: Francesco Di Leo I found this article by francesco very interesting, because at work I use Thunderbird with lighting extension, while at home I use my trusted Xubuntu (with integrated Orage), so thanks to his article I saw how to integrate the two objects. But what are Lighting and Orage ? Lightning […]

5 tool for work online

I often have to change computers I work with, I might simply move from home to office, but also happens to move out of the office and work on computers provided by customers, how do you bring along everything you need? Some suggestions that may help you and make you move with the lighter heart.