Aug 092011

devedeSome time ago I’ve wrote a tutorial on how to do a DVD slideshow on Linux, and recently I’ve received a comment about using DeVeDe as DVD Authoring software.

In my article I used  dvd-menu and mkisofs and this can be an alternative for people who prefer graphical tools.

Let’s see what it can do fo you.
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Aug 212010

dvs-slideshowOn returning from a vacation with friends, everyone said ‘Well, now you can do a nice DVD with all our photos, right? ”
Certainly, work in IT means I need to know anything about computers, let’s say I used this opportunity to learn a bit about this topic in Linux.

I found myself with about 3000 photos from five different cameras, to put in order and select for a slide show of about an hour, to accomplish all we need:

  • Software to move from camera to PC the images
  • Software for storing photos and process them
  • A software to create a slideshow from images, perhaps with some effect
  • Software to prepare a DVD with interactive menus and music.
  • A burning software

Excellent, let’s start
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