May 072013

While looking at the top 10 download of Ubuntu app center for the month of April 2013 I’ve discovered a new software available for Ubuntu : YouTube to MP3.

It’s not a secret that on youtube there are a lof of music videos and also some full albums, and so with this software you can download them as mp3 file and listen them in a second moment or on a mp3 player.

YouTube to MP3 allows you to download and convert multiple videos into audio files, to do this you have simply to enter the URL of the video on youtube by clicking the Paste button or dragging in the window.

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Jun 272011

imagination-logoIn one of the first articles of Linuxaria i’ve posted a complete how to in how to make a DVD slideshow with Linux and the main program to do this was Imagination, a software that i really like for his simplicity of use.

Imagination is a lightweight and simple DVD slide show maker for Linux and FreeBSD written in C language and built with the GTK+2 toolkit. Imagination has been designed from the ground up to be fast, light and easy-to-use. It requires the ffmpeg encoder to produce the movie file and libsox to handle the audio and nothing else, there are no other dependencies. Continue reading »

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Jun 072011

yakito At the moment my favourite way to do (simple) elaborations and conversions of multimedia file is FFMPEG. But i understand that is not exactly the most user-friendly tool around, so if you don’t want to open the terminal and read the man page of FFMPEG perhaps you could take a look at Yakito.

Yakito  is a free and open media files converter, using the benefits of the project FFMPEG to achieve maximum compatibility with most multimedia formats and codecs.Unlike other solutions, Yakito is not intended to be a simple frontend interface to manage an installation of FFMPEG, but uses this engine to convert/encode video in an independent  way (FFMPEG it’s integrated in the executable itself, so it’s transparent).For this it relies on Jave , another free software project.
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7 Tricks with ffmpeg

FFmpeg can be considered the Swissknife of audio and video applications, with many options and possibilities. You probably already have it installed on your computer as a dependency of a program you use to watch videos or listen to music. In this article we will see some use from the command line without using graphics [...]