Apr 252012

In general a file manager is a program that gives some kind of interface to the file system and that show in a graphical or textual way the files and directory, usually a file manager allow to do some standard operations such as delete, rename copy/paste and other typical operations that you can do on files.

Twin-panel file managers have obligatory connected panels where action in one panel results in a reaction in the second. So for example you could move a file from the first to the second panel, or copy it. In this roundup I‘ll show you some of the most used Twin-panel file manager available on Linux, sometimes they are also called Orthodox file managers or command-based file managers and in general they have three windows (two panels and one command line window).

Note: Konqueror supports multiple panels divided horizontally, vertically or both, but these panels do not act as twin panels by default (the user has to mark the panels he wants to act as twin-panels), so I’ll not put it in this article.

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Jul 132011

uncyclopediaArticle by Francesco Di Leo

Holidays are approaching, at least for me, I live in Italy, the work and the study become heavier because of the heat and this increases the desire for some recreation. Even the simplest games can be very funny if you are in a suitable place. While I was looking for a specific site, I came accidentally across to a weird site: nonciclopedia.wikia.com (uncyclopedia.wikia.com for the English version, but it’s available in different languages​​). I can already hear someone say: “but come on, you do not know this one ?” Yes, I did not know about this site before three days ago. And I think that there might be someone else who does not know it. I have read some articles in Italian and English, and none was a simple translation from one language to another, so for people who know more than one language these sites are more funny. Continue reading »

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May 142011

mirrorIn this article i’ll show you how to select the best mirror for your favorite distribution.

Debian Netselect-apt is very helpful to find which Debian mirror is the fastest one to download the latest packages or to install ones very quickly.
To install it :

[email protected]:~# apt-get install netselect-apt

This package needs netselect to work successfully. neselect-apt will download the list of Debian mirrors and will ping them in a special manner thanks to the netselect command.


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