May 022014

You could have come across the term, “cPanel” if you have been searching around for a shared Linux web hosting or logged into cPanel right now if have got a new hosting account. cPanel is a web-based tool that can help you manage the files on your website, email associated with your domain, and basically manage almost everything about your hosting. It is extremely user-friendly and can enable one to manage their hosting even if you they do not know much about web hosting.

There are several alternatives to cPanel like, Webmin, Virtualmin, and Zpanel, but cPanel simply blows its competitors out of the water, because of it user-friendly interface and features. When you sign up for a shared web hosting for your online business or personal websites, 99.9% of the time you will have cPanel to help you manage your hosting. Although, a lot of professionals like to use a console to get things done, which can give you major geek credits, for someone who is just starting out in the world of hosting, learning the basics about cPanel is probably the first step to accomplish tasks quicker.
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Apr 112011

sorryToday i got another 4 hours of down of the site.
When i logged into my hosting site i found that my homedir was empty and when i requested some informations at the support i got:

“We have checked your issue and found that you have deleted all main dirs(public_html,etc) thats why your site is not working.

We need to reset your account and then you need to start from scratch.”

So my hosting say that’s i’ve deleted everything and than i forgot everything about this…. sure.

I think it’s pointless to spend time with the support trying to understand what really happened, perhaps it’s not even their fault and so i’ve spent the last 3 hours in recovery the site from a backup (luckily i’m used to do this at least once at week).

So sorry for this further down of the site, i’m already searching for a new hosting company and i promise that i’ll not delete again all my files in my homedir in the future.

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