Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle – Review

If you follow linuxaria you know that some days ago we had a contest and the first prize was the last Humble Indie Bundle, the winner has been Geor Pribil, that has been so kind to write a review of the games, these are his opinions after some “testing” : First of all, the Installation: [...]

It’s that time again: Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

A new Humble Indie Bundle is started yesterday, a great and new opportunity to know and buy new indie game for a cheap price. This time the offer it’s a bit different from the former edition, there is just 1 videogame in the main bundle: Frozen Synapse, but If you beat the promotion average you [...]

Humble Indie Bundle 3 it’s now available !

Once again this incredible offer it’s available for a limited time (it ends in 13 days). Pay what you want. If you bought these five games separately, it would cost around $50, but with this offer you can set the price! You choose exactly how your purchase is divided: game developers, foundations (the Electronic Frontier [...]

5 amazing game, and you choose the price

If you have not already heard of it i’d like to point out the excellent initiative  “The Humble Indie Bundle #2” for 5 days is still possible to buy 5 good games and choose the price you want to pay too good to be true? Then I add also that you can decide whether, and to what percentage, to allocate part of the sum for charity in two associations.