Dec 012011
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We are in December and for this month i suggest to keep an eye on the site:

This site it’s a sysadmin relative of the Perl Advent Calendar: One article for each day of December, ending on the 25th article. With the goals of of sharing, openness, and mentoring, the authors aim to provide great articles about systems administration topics written by fellow sysadmins.

Today i present to you one of their articles of the last year

This article was written by Jordan Sissel (@jordansissel)

In past sysadvents, I’ve talked about babysitting services and showed how to use supervisord to achieve it. This year, Ubuntu started shipping its release with a new init system called Upstart that has babysitting built in, so let’s talk about that. I’ll be doing all of these examples on Ubuntu 10.04, but any upstart-using system should work.
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