Linux for Work

by Frank Harris-Smith I use Linux for work. There is a smooth work flow that I can achieve using the Linux Desktop that just doesn’t happen for me on any other platform. I find using Linux for serious projects not only is efficient but I also enjoy the process. Both my home desktop and my […] or LibreOffice – Two excellent choices

by Frank Harris-Smith Just over a year ago the open source Office Suite world was disturbed by indecision, much the same way world stock markets have been upset by uncertainty today. Oracle had purchased Sun Microsystems and with it the “ownership” of the open source office suite Being unsure of what Oracle would do […]

gEdit, an easy to use text editor with many advanced features

by Frank Harris-Smith gEdit is a serious text editor in the tradition of many editors that the programmer or code jockey will appreciate – syntax highlighting in many source codes, script formats, markup formats, and even some Scientific formats. I write a lot of HTML code and I find the multiple undo/redo, find, search & […]

Sun’s Open Source Projects Find New Life After Oracle

Brief introduction, on April 15 2011 Oracle announced that it will abandon the development of the commercial version of Open Office and so the project will become officially a community only driven project. Or: goodbye OpenOffice, welcome libreoffice. Original article By: Michael Dorf When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, Sun was actively sponsoring a number of open source projects. In the past, Oracle has had […]

emerge libreoffice-bin

From today i’ve switched, on my Gentoo,from openoffice 3.2 to libreoffice 3.3 and for sure i’ve no regret. If in the last 6 months you have been away from the net you could wonder what’s libreoffice: On 28 September 2010, some members of the Project formed a new group called The Document Foundation and […]