Jun 092011

ipv6 ready OK, i’m 1 day late but now also http://linuxaria.com is IPv6 ready.

1 day late for what ?

Yesterday was the WORLD IPV6 DAY, but i’m sure that you have noticed it, i saw a lot of news about it in many Tech-related news sites.

Now linuxaria.com is hosted on a VPS on Linode and i must say that the setup it’s been “enough” easy, the more problems i got come from nginx, mainly for my lack of knowledge of IPv6 and this web server.
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May 262011

linode Today I’ve activated a new VPS on Linode and worked all day to set it up to host linuxaria.com. Why Linode ?
First, it’s been suggested by some friends (thanks Guillermo), second I’ve found only good review on the net about them and third there are a lot of useful information on their (now our) community page.

Some features of Linode are listed here

I’ve started also the DNS transfer so in the next days there could be some small (hopefully) problems, but I’m sure that in the end the site will be much more reliable and fast than with the actual hosting company.

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