Nov 082012

Steam is a great source for any gamer. It is a place that will allow you to try out and enjoy many of the more popular video games that are available on the market today. Steam Greenlight will allow you to vote on games that you would like to see come available. It is a great system for gamers, so they do not have to drop $50 to purchase every game off the shelf. They can simply join Steam and enjoy the most popular ones at a reduced price.

Steam is not only a place to acquire games to play it is also a place where you can talk with other gamers and possibly get information on cheat codes or creative ways to pass a particularly difficult level. It is convenient and rather popular.

Linux Gaming

Linux has always had its own style of gaming. The Linux users had to get creative in order to find a way to download games that were specifically created for the Windows OS to their Linux OS, but the Wine made most of this possible. There are also games that were specifically created for users on the Linux system. It originally seemed like gaming was more of an afterthought with the Linux OS, but lately Linux developers have been pushing their gaming development.

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Jul 202012

When you look online for reviews of social media applications, Windows and Apple platform applications always dominate the list. Linux geeks, however, have a long history of using social media tools to discuss geeky and techie topics online. Until fairly recently, however, most large scale development around social media tools on Linux was virtually non-existent. Linux users were expected to follow their usual fare of bare bones interfaces and text based controls. With the growing interest of Linux on the desktop for the more general audience, however, many developers have started putting effort toward creating more user friendly applications for social media. While this of course is beneficial for newer users of Linux who came from the Microsoft and Apple platforms, using and contributing to these social media apps is also in the best interest of anyone who wants to further the Linux cause and gain more market acceptance for our favorite open source operating system.
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May 222012

Back in December 2011, data-intensive Linux users rejoiced as Apache Hadoop reached its 1.0.0 milestone. Setting a benchmark for distributed computing software, this wonderful little program is now into release 1.0.3 but what is Hadoop and how can you benefit from using it?

Designed with ‘web-scale’ operations in mind, Hadoop can handle massive amounts of information, allowing you to quickly and efficiently process volumes of data that other systems simply cannot handle. But that’s just the beginning. Hadoop also allows you to network this process – it can distribute large amounts of work across a cluster of machines, allowing you to handle workloads that a single processor simply cannot manage.

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Video game lovers listen ! Ubuntu is going to give you some unexpected emotions!

Article by Giuseppe Sanna We all know and love Linux and its distributions. Operating Systems that are lightweight, fast, highly customizable, free, advanced … These are just some of the thousands of qualities that our OS Linux have! But as we are also humble users and Linux users … not cocky, we recognize the limits […]

5 types of very annoying Linux users

Original article by Perro, published in Spanish on the site Since I use Linux for several years now I’ve found Linux users of all kinds, having a blog has helped me to identify many types of Linux users. But of all the guys there are some that are very annoying and I will try […]