Aug 222012

I’ve just discovered that beside the “usual” Humble Indie Bundle, featuring this time some games for Linux, Windows and dedicated to Android Games, there are also 2 Book Bundle, while they are not related to open source or Linux topics, I like initiatives that propose DRM free products, donate a part of the cash to charity and allow the customers to make a good deal.

The first Book-Bundle is from StoryBundle and is composed by Sci-Fi books while the second book bundle come from and includes mainly Novels.

Let’s take a closer look at these Bundle, some of them end in a couple of days so this could be your last chance to get them !.
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May 252012

Do you write HTML, PHP, Java or some other code ? You probably don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for software that you would use maybe only as a hobby? Today, I present an amazing solution, a multi-platform software that can wins ten to zero with the most popular programming editor on the market! Today I talk about Bluefish!

Developed in C/GTK+ is a software that can be used on all the major operating systems. You can use it, in fact, on Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac
It’s available in 10 ​​of the most important languages this software is a mix between a simple text editor and a very complete IDE. It’s a very intuitive software, thanks to some really interesting features and makes writing code a very relaxing, and not chaotic, experience .
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Apr 272012

Thank to Gabriele, who in addition to the time he spends for his UbuBox SalentOS he finds and post also some great tools for Linux on his blog Gmstyle .

Today we’ll take a look at Silicon Empire a software that can help us in all our Burning operations.
Silicon Empire is set of tools to Burn, Copy, Backup, Manage and … your optical discs like CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray.
Silicon Empire is released under GPL and LGPL License version 3 and is available for Linux,Windows and Mac.

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Online Budget with Gnucash + MySQL + SSH

Article by Jimmy, first published on his Blog and the BGLUG in Italian Gnucash  is a great tool to keep the budget of the family, and from the version 2.4.0 supports connection to a database, SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL for data storage. Using a local database, however, tie to a specific computer for its use. Instead I want to be able to open a GnuCash session from any computer and connect to a single, remote, […]