Jul 042012

Around a month ago we ( Zorin OS team, Linuxaria and DarkDuck) announced the winners of the Zorin Contest and we published their works on our sites.

The Contest has been really successful and so, looking at all the works we have received, I’ve decided to publish on the Blog some more of them.
These works are the result of the contest rules:

Please write a short story about Zorin OS, or maybe just Linux in general.

Why do you use Linux? How did you come to the Linux world? What do you like here?
What are you doing to promote Linux? Any of these, or maybe your own themes are good.

It would be better, if your post is about Zorin OS, but this is just “nice to have”.

And now some interesting submission
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May 202012

Article By Giuseppe Sanna

Anyone who knows the world Linux will surely heard of Ubuntu. A distribution that has done so much for Linux and the Open Source world itself! In fact, thanks to the hard work of Canonical, Ubuntu is one of the first user-friendly distributions that have brought many people in the Linux world. Especially those most skeptical!
But if Ubuntu is a distribution that has done so much in the past, now we must curb our enthusiasm. In fact, for some time now, this same distribution is becoming a lot more criticized by veterans of the Linux world.
According to these, in fact, the distribution of Canonical is becoming more and more into a sort of Windows operating system. Of course, always free, but very similar for both choices regarding the publicity of the Operating system that the choices for the operating system itself. If these choices, however, are much discussed at the same time they are having a big success ! And for this reason that doubts arise and that the same Canonical is criticized by the loyal fans of the penguin! Continue reading »

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Nov 302011

Frank Harris-Smith

As recent as the last 2 years I’ve noticed that the formerly Microsoft dominated PC world seems to be taking Linux more serious. Since Dell took that first pioneer foray into shipping systems with Linux pre-installed in 2008, other manufacturers have stopped ignoring the Linux world by writing drivers for Linux and porting their software for Linux.

I make some of my income through an on-line outsourcing agency called oDesk. When I first heard about the agency I looked it over critically and was struck by the serious business professionalism of the site.
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