Mar 172013


Disclaimer: If you like fast paced action games, or games with a stunning graphics, move away.
Monster RPG 2 is a free/open source console style role playing game (perhaps most accurately, a JRPG) with a lot of depth and old-school character. It is available for iDevices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Android, PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and now Raspberry Pi.

Some of its main features are:

  • Nineteen locations to discover and explore
  • Nine adventurers to add to the party, develop and lead.
  • Turn-based combat against over ninety monster types.
  • Eighteen spells for Magic Users and Clerics to cast (not including spells cast by monsters!)
  • Enough swords, guns, potions, helmets, badges, keys, staves and armor to keep any adventurer stocked for life.

The game has been “liberated” in November 2012, when the author raised 1500$ to release the code and distribute freely the game for all the platforms.

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