Apr 122013

Article by Dan Nanni first published on xmodulo.com

As a system administrator, Linux security technician or system auditor, your responsibility can involve any combination of these: software patch management, malware scanning, file integrity checks, security audit, configuration error checking, etc. If there is an automatic vulnerability scanning tool, it can save you a lot of time checking up on common security issues.

One such vulnerability scanner on Linux is lynis. This tool is actually supported on multiple platforms including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Mac OS and Ubuntu.

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Jan 132013

Today I present a really interesting article by   first published on Infosecinstitute.com.

With the significant prevalence of Linux web servers globally, security is often touted as a strength of the platform for such a purpose. However, a Linux based web server is only as secure as its configuration and very often many are quite vulnerable to compromise. While specific configurations vary wildly due to environments or specific use, there are various general steps that can be taken to insure basic security considerations are in place.

Many risks are possible from a compromise including using the web server into a source of malware, creating a spam-sending relay, a web or TCP proxy, or other malicious activity. The operating system and packages can be fully patched with security updates and the server can still be compromised based purely on a poor security configuration. Security of web applications first begins with configuring the server itself with strict security in mind.

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Nov 182011

I’m a bit late this month, but here we go, these are the top 7 of the most read articles from Linuxaria in the month of October, it’s your opportunity to read them if you missed them during last month.

7 - Logcheck: why I love you

If you have a server, you probably would like to continually be updated on what the system logs records; a very useful tool that I discover is Logcheck: it works very well, and I’m very greatful with the developers.

I use it to have various email about the logs between a range of time like [3 hours].
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Virus Scanning on Linux

Can Linux be infected by MalWare and is it a big concern? The answer to that question is both Yes and No: Yes, Linux can be Infected and No, it isn’t a big nightmare – yet. Unless you downloaded the Unreal IRCd (Unreal IRC daemon) and installed it between November 2009 and June 2010 on [...]