Mar 292013

Article from Tcat Houser editor-in-chief of

Certainly I ignited a small fire regarding the Open Source Office Suites Versus Microsoft Office. Let me state several things for the record.

  • I applaud open source efforts
  • I enjoy playing with different versions of Linux
  • I NEED to use Microsoft Windows

Further, sometimes I NEED to use Microsoft Office.

I am creating this article in LibreOffice Version, in a RTF format. And yes, I am using Windows 8 64-bit edition. The reason I NEED Windows can be summed up in two words: Speech Recognition (SR).
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Mar 032012

Last month I’ve not done this little list of the most read articles for, so now I take this opportunity to see with you for the month of January and February the list of the articles more viewed .

7 – Miro Internet TV: Internet TV for Ubuntu Desktop

Miro, a new application for Internet video has been designed to be an easy app that will give users an amazing full-screen show. With over thousands of free videos that can be viewed from the Internet, Miro gives the user the ability to download all the chosen videos they enjoy as soon as they are released.

Miro, first launched in 2005 then revamped in 2007 (it was first launched as Democracy Player), is written in Python. Miro has an embedded WebKit for Linux and(Mozilla Gecko/XUL until 3.0.2). With the updated version of 3.0, Miro offers GTK for new Windows and Linux systems.

Simple ? Yes Please!

Unlike some media sharing programs, Miro has a function that allows the user to preview shows and music, before downloading or making a final purchase. By having this special feature, Miro can save Internet browsers time, effort, and computer space.
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Feb 102012

Game changers that show up in life often do not show up in the way and the when we expect them.‭ ‬That often leads us to not accuracy see them for what they are.‭ ‬This is going to be a year of game changing in‭ ‬2012,‭ ‬and most of us do not yet see it.

One company we can thank for the change is,‭ ‬Microsoft.‭ ‬Windows‭ ‬8‭ ‬will be out sometime this year.‭ ‬You won’t have to touch it to feel its impact.‭ ‬The Redmond,‭ ‬WA company put a muzzle in the mouth of its marketing department about its bottom of the barrel Hyper-V a few years ago and quietly improved the code.

They will make it a standard feature in Windows‭ ‬8‭ (‬NT V.6.2‭)‬.‭ ‬Keep in mind they have added ARM CPU support to this NT version.‭ ‬We can get devices with multiple ARM in a single package in several smartphones and tablets now.‭ ‬This means…

Virtual Machines will be something your mom will be using,‭ ‬if not knowing it.‭ ‬VM usage is about to become so commonplace the next generation of ARM chips will have what I call‭ ‬2‭ ‬and a half CPUs.‭ ‬2‭ ‬of them are real bit busters.‭ ‬The‭ ‘½’ ‬CPU will stay alive while the other‭ ‬2‭ ‬are OFF.‭ ‬It will perform functions in a low power state,‭ ‬extending battery life.

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4 Linux programs to open a Remote Desktop on Windows

It seem impossible for me to get rid of all the windows server that our company still has, some have custom software made years ago that no one want to touch, other have management console for Vmware or Cisco appliance..that run only on Windows or again some product relesed their software only for windows, so [...]

Linux Games: Anomaly: Warzone Earth

In these days a new Humble Bundle has been presented, some of the games in his bundle have been already been delivered in previous bundle, such as World of Goo and Osmos, the big news of this Bundle is that the games are released also for Android, so it’s been called the Humble Bundle for [...]