Add security to your ssh daemon with PAM module

In the past I’ve published some info to enhance the security of your ssh server such as 3 easy steps to strengthen your ssh server or how to use SSH for more secure browsing in public networks, today we’ll take a look at the PAM modules of GNU/Linux and in particular the module ssh and […]

The Best Driving Games and Car Games on Linux

Today I propose to you 7 nice games about driving, they are all open source and freely downloadable. I’m not a great fan of this genre but I’ve played some of them and they have great graphics, and you’ll not miss what you can find on a Windows Computer. They are: Vdrift, TORCS, Speed Dreams, […]

How to stop packages from being updated in Linux

Sometimes it’s useful to tell to our GNU/Linux system that we want to keep some packages on Hold or that we do not want to update them , for example you could have added a custom kernel and you don’t want that during an update the standard kernel takes its place, or perhaps you want […]

How to sync Tomboy with Ubuntu One on Linux Mint 13

Tomboy is still my note taking program as in the homepage of Gnote I still read: Synchronization support is being worked on, and sync was one requirement when I chose a note taking program some years ago. I use Ubuntu One as “cloud space” for my notes and so far it has served me well, […]

How to use a D-LINK – Wireless N 150 usb adapter on Linux

My new desktop don’t has an integrated wireless card, but has 10 USB ports, so I’ve decided to use an external USB/Wireless adapter to connect it to the WI-Fi at my home, using a cable is not an option, I’ve the router in another room, and it would be a mess to bring it to […]