Aug 182012

This is a really good article on etiquette to use on Linux forums, for everyone that wish to post on them, the original article was written by Megatotoro and published on

As a relatively new migrant to Tuxland, I’ve come to learn that Linux forums are a rich source of advice, useful information and help. They have also let me find wonderful people. Some of them are very knowledgeable of the penguin’s intricacies and others are not so seasoned, but their will to help is indeed contagious. However, some people have had negative experiences when entering a Linux forum and asking for help. These disgruntled new migrants get a bitter flavor of Linux and a number of them leave and never return.

So, I decided to put up a small Linux forum guide for newbies in an attempt to explain some important cultural differences that may affect a new user’s success rate when asking for help on a Linux Forum. For convenience, this guide is divided into 3 sections: Before Asking, When Asking, and After Asking.
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