Mar 282013


This required more time if compared to Libreoffice versus Open Office, but it seem that the critical mass of users of another piece of open source software is moving away from Oracle, I’m talking about Mysql versus MariaDB.

Mysql is probably the most used open source database, it’s used in most of the more successful LAMP applications, such as WordPress, Drupal or Magento, after all the M of LAMP was an acronim for Mysql until today.

All started back in February 2013 when two large open source projects, Fedora and openSUSE, announced their intention to abandon the venerable MySQL database, now a property of Oracle, and adopt instead MariaDB.

In short MariaDB is a community-developed fork of the MySQL relational database management system, the impetus being the community maintenance of its free status under the GNU GPL, as opposed to any uncertainty of MySQL license status under its current ownership by Oracle. The contributors are required to share their copyright with Monty Program AB more information on this project on Wikipedia

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Apr 202011

libreBrief introduction, on April 15 2011 Oracle announced that it will abandon the development of the commercial version of Open Office and so the project will become officially a community only driven project. Or: goodbye OpenOffice, welcome libreoffice.

Original article By: Michael Dorf

When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, Sun was actively sponsoring a number of open source projects. In the past, Oracle has had limited success with open source software and many felt that Oracle didn’t understand open source. As Oracle began to assimilate the various parts of Sun Microsystems, the community waited and watched to see if Oracle would be a good open source citizen.

The community didn’t need to wait long. One of Oracle’s first missteps in the open source community came when they filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Google’s Android platform. This suit rocked the open source community as many viewed it as a poor use of Sun’s Java related patents. It has also caused many in the community to question the future of Java. And for those that relied on other Sun open source projects, it called into question the future of those projects.

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Sep 172010

Oracle Open world is starting once again in San Francisco, gathering more and more public every year, that’s perhaps normal considering that oracle is buying a new big company every year.
Oracle OpenWorld is the world’s largest and most important conference for Oracle technologists, business users, and partners.

Perhaps you think: i’m not intested in Oracle database so why should i care ?

Sorry but you are really wrong here, take a look at the List of acquisitions by Oracle and perhaps you’ll start to think that also your business, or just your desktop, after all run some oracle softwares.

Which one ?
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