Oct 242010

orageOriginal article by: Francesco Di Leo

I found this article by francesco very interesting, because at work I use Thunderbird with lighting extension, while at home I use my trusted Xubuntu (with integrated Orage), so thanks to his article I saw how to integrate the two objects.

But what are Lighting and Orage ?

Lightning brings the Sunbird calendar to the popular email client, Mozilla Thunderbird. Since it’s an extension, Lightning is tightly integrated with Thunderbird, allowing it to easily perform email-related calendaring tasks.

Orage provides a calendar which integrates nicely into the Xfce Desktop Environment. It is highly configurable and supports alerts based on dates. It warns you with popup or audio alarm. As it is an application for every day use it launches itself in the background as a daemon and can be accessed using the Orage Clock plugin for the panel. Continue reading »

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