Mar 112012

This is an article of mine, originally published on Wazi

WordPress , the popular content management system (CMS), is easy to configure and use, and is well supported by its community of professional consultants. WordPress depends for its operation from a full stack that includes an operating system, database, web server and PHP. If you can optimize this stack, you can improve the performance of your site. Here are some tips and best practices for a configuration that can improve performance without forcing a hardware upgrade.

In the first part of this guide we have seen what to check and modify in the operating system and database server (mysql)
In the second part I have presented the instructions to set the http server (Nginx to be exact) and PHP .

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Jan 232012

Sometimes it happen that: for mistakes, because you don’t rotate your logs or perhaps they growth up really quickly, that you need to analyse a large file (> 1GB) for searching a specific pattern of text. Probably you’ll go nowhere if you try to open them with vi or worst with a graphical editor like Gedit or libreoffice, and if your resource are low you risk to use all the memory and put your linux box in hang.

But don’t worry, like many things in Unix/Linux, there is a specific tool that can help you in this operation: Rowscope
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Dec 012011
English: This is a logo for Upstart.

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We are in December and for this month i suggest to keep an eye on the site:

This site it’s a sysadmin relative of the Perl Advent Calendar: One article for each day of December, ending on the 25th article. With the goals of of sharing, openness, and mentoring, the authors aim to provide great articles about systems administration topics written by fellow sysadmins.

Today i present to you one of their articles of the last year

This article was written by Jordan Sissel (@jordansissel)

In past sysadvents, I’ve talked about babysitting services and showed how to use supervisord to achieve it. This year, Ubuntu started shipping its release with a new init system called Upstart that has babysitting built in, so let’s talk about that. I’ll be doing all of these examples on Ubuntu 10.04, but any upstart-using system should work.
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If programming languages were cars...

If programming languages were cars…

I’ve found this funny article by Mike Vanier. This is an update to an old series of jokes about computer languages being like cars. I’ve added some more modern languages to the list. Any suggestions are welcome! Ada is a tank. A butt-ugly tank that never breaks down. People laugh uncontrollably if you tell them […]