Dec 262012

Today I’m glad to republish an interesting article of  first published on Infosec, a great source of information about security.
It’s a good summary of the different type of security models that you can have in a Linux system, focused on SELinux, and if you are interested in this topic, be sure to take a look also at my Introduction to AppArmor

A task of any operating system is to provide software that strongly increases its security. A lot of programs of this type have been created; some are better than others. What does it look like in terms of Linux? Of course, here we have many more choices when it comes to this type of software, but some software is worth recommending. Some people already know what I mean: SELinux. Why choose this solution? Why do I think it is so different from other software of this type? And the last key question: who really should use it?

This system, as the name suggests is Security Enhanced Linux! So I invite you to read this article and learn about this tool.
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