Aug 262011

Sometimes bad things happen, and you must recover your desktop or server from an error.

For this delicate work there are some specialised Linux Live Distributions that once booted allow you to make a lot of tasks, like mounting and repairing disk partitions and file system, for this it’s important that the live Distro has support for many different File System type and LVM, it should also have a good support for the network, it’s possible that you need to download or move something on the computer, and so it’s also important to have a wide range of network support, wi-fi too maybe.
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Apr 292011

sadOr perhaps i should call this “Do you remember i was upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 ?”.

Well something is gone bad and when i rebooted to start my new Xubuntu 11.04 i got:

error: cannot read the Linux header.
error: you need to load the kernel first.

  Failed to boot both default and fallback entries.

Press any key to continue...

During the upgrade, Ubuntu has removed all old Kernel but one, and so..i find myself without a way to boot my machine.

Fortunately I did a lot of experience with Gentoo in the past, that on this occasion was very useful to recover the system.
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