How to clone and share a Git repository over SSH

Only recently I’ve started to work with Git, don’t blame me I’m mainly a system administrator not a developer, and one of the things I’ve been asked to setup is a way to have a cloned Git project shared over SSH to a particular group of person that share the same linux group. The issue […]

How to install a single package from Debian SID or Debian Testing

Today I was in need to install 1 single package from the unstable release of Debian in a server installed with the stable release, so what’s the best way to get this done ? For this example I’ll use the package drush because there are a lot of differences in the versions between the different […]

Enable automatic security update in Debian/Ubuntu

The thought that a server update itself (and maybe even execute a reboot) is not actually something that makes me feel so confident, but it is certainly better than not applying patches to serious security bugs that could expose services to large risks. So today we’ll see how to use the package unattended-upgrades, it’s available […]