Mar 252013

Article by Jay Turla first published on infosecinstitute

A lot of sniffers, rootkits, botnets, backdoor shells and malwares are still on the wild today, which are used by malicious attackers after successfully pawning a certain server or any live network in order to maintain their access, elevate their access privilege, and spy other users in a network. In order to protect our network or server from such intrusions and further damage, there are free and open source detection tools that can be deployed and used as part of our security strategy. They are mandatory when our server or network is up and running, especially if a certain user is downloading a file which could possibly be malicious or harmful.

The advantage of using free and open source detection tools is that you obviously don’t need to pay a single penny and that tutorials are very easy to get and understand because manuals are included which are usually named as README so be sure to RTFM (Read the F****** Manual).

Here are some tools which could be of use to you guys
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Aug 292011

Today I’m glad to present you an article by James Hawkins.

As the heading of this article suggests, either you are a windows or a Linux user, you aren’t safe online. We (Linux users) were happy in the past thinking that running Ubuntu or Fedora would have saved us from an “infection”, but that is not the case anymore, today any Operating System whether Mac, Linux or windows, has his own weakness,related to his vulnerabilities. We know that windows pc’s had more vulnerabilities in comparison to any other O.S in the past, but the point is that every computer over the Internet could have its own exploits, its only a matter of finding those vulnerabilities and exploiting them.

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Jan 232011

police-tuxThanks to a group on LinkedIn where I belong I found this interesting article done in two parts by Angelo Fonzeca that i propose to you:


Are you afraid that your system has been compromised by an unauthorized access?
Have you got discovered abnormal network activities and/or do you suspect that your system has been infected by trojans or rootkit?

Is this your nightmare? 😉

No problem, there are some solutions which help system administrators to check their servers, so they can be more serene about security of their machines.

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