May 192011

I’ve received this introduction from my friend Paolo Proni and i gladly publish it:

From longtime the common opinion about Java is that it is a heavy environment, which requires a powerful hardware and sometimes it seems the power is never enough. It seems that in order to do the same tasks that we could do 10 years ago, even the last generation machines are not enough.

That is simply not true.

The slowness of many Java programs is due to the wrong choices of the software architects, who have given a low priority to the efficiency, preferring the extreme flexibility or the productivity, when it was the case of not concentrating to the delivery time only…
It is a plaisure to discover on the Internet some little jewels, such as the Tini , where a 8 bit microcontroller can run some small Java programs in a decent way.
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Nov 092010

linux serial

Automatically Capturing, Saving and Publishing Serial RS232 Data to the Web

Author: John Smitty

This article will describe setting up a system that will utilize a lightweight command line (CLI) install of Linux (Ubuntu in this example) to capture RS232 (serial) information, capture it and upload it to an ftp server.

This is useful for applications including data collection from sensors or other serial devices such as amateur packet radio – and will utilize the data on a web site or other remote machine.

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