Apr 242011

gImageReaderTesseract-ocr: how to convert scanned documents into editable text on Ubuntu or Debian, Original article by Gabriele published on Gmstyle (italian blog)

I learned from the requests come via email, that some of my readers use Ubuntu (or Linux in general) to work and deal with graphics and publishing, who for his profession and who as a hobby. I draw inspiration from the request of a dear member of this little web space, which has given to me the input for this article, to make a bit of clarity about a subject that,for what I’ve saw around during my research on the Internet, seems to have created some difficulties for many people.

The argument i’m talking about is the OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition), that is a “technology ” that can recognize text characters from an image of paper documents previously digitized through the scanner and then transform this into an editable text. Continue reading »

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